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Nutrition/Birthday Snacks

Healthy Kids

Meeting your students nutritional needs are just as important as meeting their academic needs.



Following SCUSD guidelines, here is a list of healthy snacks that will be allowed at school should you choose to send in snacks for a birthday or classroom celebration:


Fresh/Dried fruits    Cheese & Crackers

Healthy Pizza        Veggies & Low-fat Dip

Rice Cakes        Lo-fat Yogurt

Popcorn        Granola bars

Fruit Bars        Pretzels

Graham Crackers    Frozen Juice Bar

Juice/Water/Milk    Sugar Free Popsicles

Candy, cupcakes, and sugar treats will not be passed out.


Your child’s teacher will indicate his/her preferences at the beginning of the school year for celebrating birthdays.  Most teachers ask that you donate a book or game to the classroom or the school library instead of birthday treats.  All other birthday recognitions will occur either at recess, at lunch, or during the last few minutes of the day.  Celebrations may occur on the student’s birthday or at a monthly celebration.  If you do not know your teacher’s preference, please ask him/her. Please be sure to plan in advance with your child’s teacher if you are bringing in a snack. Snacks must follow the “healthy treats” guidelines. If you do not know your teacher’s preferences, please ask him/her. Snacks brought into the office without prior notice to the teacher will be turned away. Thank you for understanding.


California State Law specifies that only commercially prepared foods may be used for snacks during school hours. Thank you for your help and cooperation in helping our students to make healthy choices at school.


SCUSD Nutritional Services

Paid Meal Prices

All Free and Reduced Qualified students eat for free

Elementary            Breakfast  Paid  $2.25   Adult  $2.75     Lunch  $3.50          Adult   $4.00

Middle School         Breakfast  Paid  $2.50   Adult  $3.00     Lunch  $3.75          Adult   $4.50

High School            Breakfast  Paid  $2.50   Adult  $3.00     Lunch  $4.00          Adult   $4.50