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3/7/18 12:53 PM
3/7/18 12:53 PM

Project Cornerstone

Project Cornerstone

Dear Parents,


I am sending you this letter because you have indicated an interest in volunteering for the Asset Building Champion (ABC) program at our school. 


The ABC Program consists of volunteers who read specially selected books to a class, hold class discussions and supervise a simple activity.  When you deliver these lessons, you will be forming relationships with students. YOU will become a caring adult at school for youth. What a wonderful responsibility!


Our goal is to read to all classrooms. It is achievable if we can have more caring adults become readers.


If you are unable to read in class but still want to be involved in this program, please make sure to send us a note so we can let you know of opportunities. Even if you are not able to be a reader at this time, we highly recommend completing the training modules and exploring the website to learn more about the program.


Project Cornerstone provides written ABC lesson plans with detailed information discussion/activities to accompany each book. Our school has Lead volunteers who will mentor and guide our ABC volunteers. As an ABC volunteer, you will commit to spending approximately three hours per month in the following ways:


  • 1 hour monthly training at our school site with the ABC Lead volunteers to thoroughly discuss the book of the month, practice discussion questions and prepare activities
  • 1 additional hour monthly of preparation and practice in advance of the class reading. This preparation may be done in a partnership/small group or at grade level meetings.
  • 45 minutes-1 hour monthly of class ABC reading/discussion and activity.


To get started, please go online to register as an ABC Reader for our school.  All volunteers need to fill out an application which can be found online at, in the Volunteer Center. Find our school and click on the link.


The second requirement is to attend a training called ABC Assets 101. You can find a list of trainings on the Training and Events Calendar at Face-to-face training is recommended, but if the schedule does not work out for you, on-line training modules are available. Details are at the end of this letter.


Third, but not least, please make sure you complete and submit a volunteer form for our school for this school year. Forms are available in the school office. If you are a new volunteer to the school, you will need to see your health professional to complete a TB Risk Assessment. If you are a returning volunteer, please check with our school secretary about your TB status.


Please send an email when you have completed these 3 requirements.


The first book we will read is Friends to the End by Bradley Trevor Grieve. The focus of this book is friendship. Ideas on how to make friends, keep friends and the importance of friends are all discussed in this clever, easy to read book. Students with good interpersonal skills do better in school, have higher self-esteem and fewer behavior problems. There is a direct relationship between improved interpersonal skills and the reduction of peer abuse.


The plan is to read the first book in October. In preparation, we will have a meeting on Wednesday October 18. Please let me know if you are available during school hours (either immediately after drop off or before school ends), or if you prefer after school and what time. We’ll spend some time to talk about the program and then dive into the book. The Y has done a great job with the lesson plan. Meeting together gives us the opportunity to support each other so we can be confident and successful.


Attached is the ABC Volunteer Guide. Copies will be available during the meeting.


We look forward to meeting with you!






Rachel and Peng Peng

ABC Lead Volunteers





There are code words at the end of each module. Please take note of them and send an email with the code words. This will certify that you have completed the training.

Module 1: This video is for Project Cornerstone volunteers to watch before they begin volunteering.  It includes information about the Project Cornerstone movement and developmental assets

Module 2: Please watch Assets 101 Module 1 before watching this video.  This video is the second video that all Project Cornerstone volunteers must watch before they begin volunteering. It is focused on volunteer expectations. 


Module 3: Please watch Module 1 and 2 before watching this module.  This module is specifically for Project Cornerstone ABC readers and focuses on the tools and strategies to be a successful ABC reader