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Technology and Internet

NetSmartz Kids Games

Learn about computers, viruses, online dangers, and the Internet, or just send a safe e-card. Site administered by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.


Kid Smart

Childnet Kidsmart is a practical Internet safety advice Web site for kids. It offers Safety Tips which helps children to stay safe and have fun when they use the Internet or mobile phone - whether at school or in the home.


Braille Bug

Learn all about this system of writing used by the blind through games, secret messages, a reading club and information about Louis Braille and Helen Keller.


The Tech Museum - San Jose

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a great place to engage kids (and others) in exploring technology and how it affects their lives. Find out about computers, satellites, DNA, robotics, lasers, and inspire the young to become innovators in the technologies of the future.


Typing Agent

Keyboarding lessons and games designed to help students with typing speed and accuracy.  Login information can be obtained from your classroom teacher.