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Here at George Mayne, we love it when parents get involved! 


If you wish to volunteer at school, please make sure you have all the required paperwork and check in at the office when you arrive.  You may want to consider joining the PTASchool Site Council, or become a reader for Project Cornerstone!

Volunteer Opportunities at Mayne

There are many different ways to volunteer and we strongly encourage you to do so. It makes a positive impact in our students' lives and at our site when parents/legal guardians and or responsible adults actively participate as supports and role models. At your child's Back to School Night, in his/her classroom, you will have the opportunity to sign up for volunteer opportunities. Following is a brief description of some opportunities.


Classroom Volunteers (on campus or at home)

Filed trip volunteers are always needed to enrich the experience. Classroom and or at home volunteers are also needed. Check with your child's teacher to see how you can best support the classroom.


Coding Club

Last year, we formed our first coding club and it was very successful. The participating students had fun learning a new language (coding) under Mrs. Notario's guidance and Mr. Esparza's support. We need volunteers and coding experience is not needed. What is needed is a healthy dose of enthusiasm, an interest in helping students work on and create projects, and little bit of your time.


English Language Acquisition Committee (ELAC)

This committee advises SSC on the school's program for English Language Learners.


Project Cornerstone

A flyer will be sent home soon with information about Project Cornerstone, specifically about the parent training in becoming a volunteer reader in the classroom. Cornerstone's Asset Building (ABC) program goal is to "teach our children skills that they can use today and throughout their lives to help them deal with peer pressure building and keeping friendships, making healthy decisions, and solving problems." There are also opportunities for you to help prepare materials at home that will be used in the classroom.


Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 

This committee provides programs and fundraisers that help our school support enrichment programs and field trip opportunities. (Book Fairs, Walk-A-Thon, Ice Cream sales, fundraisers, etc.)


School Site Council (SSC)

This committee helps monitor the programs at our school site and gives input as to how Title 1 monies are used to support our students' academic and social emotional growth. The committee members have to be voted in.